Baby, I was born this way!

Allow me to introduce myself—properly this time, that is. My name is John Kerry Dawkins—Jack to you—and I’m a trans man. He/him/his, please; no other pronoun will do. I tried manfully to be a woman for nearly thirty-three years, but that just wasn’t me. I’m the leader of Plures House, a bold band of brothers, […]

Ten Years On

When we founded Ex Uno Plures ten years ago, we didn’t think that it would be active for ten years. We’d recently realised we were plural after recovering from a series of traumatic events. We used our writing as a means to understand ourselves and build positive identities after surviving said trauma, and thought other […]

New article!

I’ve posted my Our Plural Experience article! (… and amazingly it’s my first article for the site, even though I’m far from being a newbie!) ~Yavari