We’re not just writers: we’re artists, too! Over the past several years, we’ve drawn members of our system to give others an idea of what we look like internally. All images have embedded descriptions for blind and partially sighted users.

A digital painting of Yavari, a brown-skinned multiracial man with blue hair, freckles and blue eyes. He's smiling and wearing a dark-blue rollneck/turtleneck.

Yavari, drawn by Jack in 2022.

A drawing of Vladimir and Yavari cuddling. Vladimir is saying 'Ya lyublyu tebya', or 'I love you' in Russian. Vladimir is a short, stout white man with long hair that's shaved on both sides. He's wearing glasses and a band T-shirt. Yavari is a medium-height mixed-race man wearing a pullover.

Yavari and Vladimir, drawn by Vladimir in 2023. The Russian text in the speech bubble is ‘Я люблю тебя’ [ya lyublyu tebya’], or ‘I love you’.

A drawing of Yavari, a thin, multiracial brown-skinned man with blue hair, freckles and blue eyes. He's listening to music on his phone and looks as though he's about to dance. He's wearing a fuchsia hoodie with a yellow hood and cuffs, and the hoodie has a green stripe going across the middle. He's also wearing torn jeans and clunky purple/yellow/seafoam/fuchsia shoes. The picture is captioned 'Happy Robot Dance' and written in blocky letters.

Yavari, drawn by Jack in 2023.

A drawing of Hess, a multiracial light-skinned man. He has dark hair and eyes and is grinning broadly at the viewer. He's wearing a red hoodie.

Hess, drawn by Jack in 2021.

A cartoon of a Em, a Black nonbinary person. They're holding their hand out in frustration and saying 'This shit wack, yo.' They have hair that's half black and short and half green and long, and they're wearing glasses, a white hoodie with a pink hood, a teal cuff, a purple cuff, and orange trim on the bottom. They're also wearing skinny jeans and a pair of blue/teal/pink trainers/sneakers.

Cartoon self-portrait by Em, 2021.

A drawing of Em, who is a Black nonbinary person. Half their hair is short and black; the other half is chin-length, wavy and dyed green. They're wearing silver glasses and have multiple facial piercings. They're also wearing an orange tank top.

Portrait of Em, drawn by Fiona in 2021.

A painting of a white man with blue eyes and pink hair. His hair is shaved on one side and is long on the other. He's wearing gold and black glasses and a black rollneck/turtleneck with a starry pattern. Jack is smiling at the viewer.

Jack. Drawn by Fiona in 2021.

A drawing of Lilly, a fat white woman with wavy red hair, blue eyes and freckles. She has a nose piercing and two piercings under her lower lip. She's wearing a rainbow choker, a polka-dotted teal top with the sleeves rolled up, a jean skirt with a glittery pink scarf used as a belt, goldenrod tights with star patterns, and a pair of pink and teal trainers/sneakers.

Lilly. Drawn by Jack in 2021.

A digital painting of James. James is a middle-aged white man with medium-brown hair with streaks of grey, grey eyes, a beard and gold glasses. He's wearing a blue rollneck/turtleneck.

James. Drawn by Jack in 2021.

A black-and-white cartoon drawing of Vladimir, who is a stout, light-skinned fortyish man with dark, grey-streaked hair that's long and shaved on both sides. He's wearing a black sweatshirt that says 'Atomic Swirls - Kiev/Kyiv '05' in English, Ukrainian and Russian. He has on grey shorts and a pair of loosely tied Converse All-Stars. He's saying 'Vsem privet!' which is 'hello, everyone!' in Russian.

Cartoon self-portrait by Vladimir, 2023. The Russian text in the speech bubble says ‘Всем привет!’ [vsem privet!], or ‘Hello, everyone!’

A black-and-white cartoon drawing of Em, a nonbinary Black person in their 30s. Em has hair that's shaved on one side. The other side is wavy. They're wearing glasses, a choker and a nose ring. They're also wearing a black blouse with a ruffly collar. There's an arrow pointing to them that says 'Em'.

Em. Drawn by Vladimir, 2023.

A digital painting of Fiona, a light-skinned woman with strawberry-blonde hair and grey eyes. Her hair is long and wavy; she's wearing a fringe/bangs and part of that fringe is dyed bluish-grey. She's wearing a green hat with a burgundy ribbon, green cat's-eye glasses and a choker with an inverted-cross pendant.

Self-portrait by Fiona, 2021.

A full-body digital painting of a white woman with strawberry blonde hair and grey eyes. She's wearing a green hat with a burgundy ribbon. She's also wearing a green floral short-sleeved shirt, a brown handbag with political badges on it, a long burgundy skirt and a pair of flat green shoes. She's got a slight smile on her face.

Self-portrait by Fiona, 2021.


A drawing of a nonbinary person who appears white. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He's wearing a grey top with epaulettes, as well as a dark-purple scarf.

Noël, drawn by Jack in 2020