Articles are the central focus of Ex Uno Plures. Over the past ten years, members of Plures House – as well as guest authors – have written various articles about plurality, from philosophical explorations of identity to practical advice about dealing with non-plural friends, family and acquaintances. We hope that the articles are helpful for plural systems and allies alike.

If you notice that a few articles, like ‘The Main Person Fallacy’, ‘We Are Not a Hive Mind’ and the ‘Individualism’ series are missing from this page, it’s because they’re currently undergoing revision.

Introductions to plurality
Who Are We? Plures 101, by Kerry Dawkins, James Dawkins and Lilly Ghia-Wilberforce (2013)
Rules of Engagement: Plural Etiquette, by Em Flynn, Kerry Dawkins and Hess Sakal (2013, with material adapted from earlier 2007 articles)

Living plural
Getting It Together, by James Dawkins (2016)
Transitioning while Plural, by Yavari Caralize (2017)
Thor Still Has to Pay the Bills, by Kerry Dawkins (2017)

Our plural experiences
Separated by a common language, by Kerry Dawkins (2017)

Medical models of multiplicity
Dissociation and Assumptions, by Richard Ghia-Wilberforce (2007)
Plurality for Skeptics, by Em Flynn (2011)
Taking the Evangelists to Task, by Kerry Dawkins (2011)
Plurality, scepticism and civility, by Richard Ghia-Wilberforce (2012)
Subjectivity v Delusions, by Kerry Dawkins (2014)
Three Problems with Medical-Model-Only Thinking, by Kerry Dawkins (2017)

Philosophical explorations of plurality
You Are Not Your Body, by Hess Sakal, Kerry Dawkins and Richard Ghia-Wilberforce (2007)
It’s All in Your Head!, by Kerry Dawkins (2009)
Subjective Lives, by Kerry Dawkins and M.D. (2009)
Personhood and Identity, a guest article by Nathan Day of the Desired Constellation system (2009)
Plurality and Complexity, by Richard Ghia-Wilberforce and Noël Dawkins (2010)
Getting Serious about Plurality by Kerry Dawkins (2012)
Parallel Dreams, by Kerry Dawkins (2013)
Secret Worlds Inside of Us, by Kerry Dawkins and Lilly Ghia-Wilberforce (2017)
Engendered and Ensouled, by Kerry and Noël Dawkins (2011/2017)

Relationships and social interactions
Where’d My Friend Go?, by Kerry Dawkins, Richard Ghia-Wilberforce, Hess Sakal and others (2007)
Another One’s Left in the Dust, by Kerry Dawkins (2008)
How Do You Take Your Tea Again?, a guest article by Cally of House Fidelis (2008)
Being ‘The Front’ vs Your Authentic Self, by Kerry and Noël Dawkins (2012)
Problems with the Plural Closet, by Kerry Dawkins and Richard Ghia-Wilberforce (originally written in 2009, expanded and edited in 2014)

Relationships within systems
Defending System-Mates, by Richard Ghia-Wilberforce (2008)
In-System Relationships: Fact and Fiction, by Kerry Dawkins (2012)
Our Plural Experience, by Yavari C. (2014)

Issues within the plural community
Oh No! It’s the Plural Police, by Hess Sakal (2009)

Dispelling stereotypes about plural identities
The Littles Stereotype, by Lilly Ghia-Wilberforce (2007)
EVIL DEMON ALTERS!, by Hess Sakal (2007) – warning for animated GIFs
Sticky Terms, by Hess Sakal (2007)
Divisions in Plurality, 1.0, by Kerry Dawkins (2007)
Sniglets!, by Hess Sakal (2008)
You Just Want to Be Special!, by Kerry Dawkins (2009)
Divisions in Plurality, 2.0, by Kerry Dawkins (2009)
The REAL ONE?!, by Hess Sakal (2011)
Questioning ‘Types of Alters’, by Lilly Ghia-Wilberforce (2013)
Divisions in Plurality 3.0, by Kerry Dawkins (2015)
It’s Not Just a Tumblr Thing, by Kerry Dawkins (2015/2017)
Fictive Identities, by Noël Dawkins (2017)

Plurality and social justice
The Race Issue, 1.0, by Kerry Dawkins (2008)
The Race Issue, 2.0, by Kerry Dawkins (2009)
The Race Issue, 3.0 by Em Flynn (2014)
Non-Plural Privilege, by Kerry Dawkins and M.D. (2009)
Are Plurals Oppressed?, by Kerry Dawkins (2013)