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Kerry Dawkins, Richard Ghia-Wilberforce, Hess Sakal, Noël Dawkins, Lilly Ghia-Wilberforce, M.D., Em Flynn, James Dawkins, Yavari C.

About us
We’re a co-operative plural system in our early 30s. We’re queer, trans, non-white and disabled. We’re unsure of our ultimate origins, but we are trauma survivors and suspect that we may be at least partly trauma-based.  We’re technically a large group, but we generally have between four and seven people actively participating in our daily life at any given time and have a very low turnover rate.

About the site and our beliefs
Ex Uno Plures aims to fulfil three goals: challenging common misconceptions about multiplicity, helping other systems live co-operatively, and explaining aspects of plurality to people who are curious about it. We believe that plurality itself isn’t intrinsically pathological, regardless of its origins. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t systems that struggle with co-operation and daily living – we used to in the past – but that it’s not the plurality itself that’s the problem. This is based on the idea of neurodiversity – different people have different brains, and being different isn’t wrong in and of itself. Our articles are written from a primarily materialistic, non-supernatural standpoint: we believe we exist and that we have subjective experiences that don’t correspond to events in the outside world, but we view them as emergent properties that exist within our brain, rather than in a literal parallel world. We have a strong sceptical bent as a group and tend to be wary of extraordinary explanations that can’t be backed with clear evidence.

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