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Kerry Dawkins, Richard Ghia-Wilberforce, Hess Sakal, Noël Dawkins, Lilly Ghia-Wilberforce, M.D., Em Flynn, James Dawkins

About the site
Our goal in creating Ex Uno Plures is to challenge common misconceptions about multiplicity, and write articles and essays that explore the nature of selfhood and thought beyond common Western tropes of personality and identity. We wish to promote intelligent, reasoned discussion about plural identities without resorting to harmful stereotypes.

What we believe
We believe that identity is too complex and varied to be explained on entirely materialistic terms. There is no conclusive study dictating that there must absolutely be one mind to one body, and that anything varying from that defined norm is pathological. It’s more of a Western cultural trope reinforced by psychological techniques that draw from this tradition. Plurality can be considered a complex mental structure, and current thought is more disposed to simplify the nature of personality and identity by assigning strict barriers where identity is concerned. As evidenced by our own experience, multiplicity can definitely be co-operative.

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