Ex Uno Plures exists to challenge current notions of plurality, and what it means to be plural. We’re here to dismantle prejudices about having many conscious entities within one brain, and present plurality as a valid cognitive configuration, rather than something that is pathological.

We’re about self-determined identities – that is, you have the right to exist as yourself, without incurring social stigma just because your identity doesn’t conform to cultural stereotypes of what is ‘normal’. We’re also about neurodiversity, or the idea that more than one brain configuration is acceptable. Individualism is also a core tenet of many of EUP’s authors – members of plural collectives have the right to have their individual opinions, identities and beliefs recognised, just as separate-bodied individuals do.

If you’d like to know who’s behind all this, Ex Uno Plures is run by members of Plures House (formerly the Fen Group and briefly Sylvan System), who have been doing plural self-advocacy online since 2007.