Welcome to Ex Uno Plures! For sixteen years, we’ve written about multiplicity (or plurality). Known medically as Dissociative Identity Disorder when it disrupts a system’s everyday life, multiplicity is the subjective experience of having more than one conscious entity in a brain. We view our multiplicity as a kind of neurodivergent experience that is influenced by trauma and the creative process, and all our articles are written from that standpoint. Although we question some aspects of the medical model, we are not opposed to it altogether and encourage systems who struggle with internal functioning to work with a knowledgeable professional.

We will occasionally write about other topics related to mental health struggles (or “madness” for our more radical members) and concrete advice that people can use to find community and support. Of course, much of this will focus on how our other mental health conditions interact with our plurality.

If you’d like to know who’s behind all this, Ex Uno Plures is run by members of Plures House (formerly the Fen Group and briefly Sylvan System), who have been doing plural self-advocacy online since 2007. Read our FAQ to learn more, check out our individual bios, and find out what we believe about our multiplicity.

A few disclaimers: We are not mental health professionals and cannot provide medical advice. Please consult a therapist or psychiatrist if you need expert support. Some of our posts may contain adult content, which we will mark with ’18+’. It is rare for us to discuss traumatic content in detail, so we will not use content warnings for mere mentions of abuse without elaboration.