Ten Years On

When we founded Ex Uno Plures ten years ago, we didn’t think that it would be active for ten years. We’d recently realised we were plural after recovering from a series of traumatic events. We used our writing as a means to understand ourselves and build positive identities after surviving said trauma, and thought other plural systems and curious non-plurals would benefit as well. Over the past decade, we’ve published over thirty articles about in-system co-operation, misconceptions about multiplicity, personal narratives, philosophical explorations of plurality, and a number of other topics. Our opinions have changed over time, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t still value the work we’ve put in over the years.

Let’s hope we’ll be continuing to write here over the next decade. We’re glad you’ve been here to share it with us.


New articles!

We’ve actually been pretty prolific on our main site over the past few months: Kerry, James and Darwin worked on the Who Are We? introduction to our collective; Em, Kerry and Hess collaborated on Rules of Engagement, a guide to interacting with plural systems for newbies; Kerry wrote Parallel Dreams, an article about commonalities between members of plural systems; Kerry wrote Are Plurals ‘Oppressed’?; and Darwin wrote Questioning ‘Types of Alters’, an article that questions pigeonholing all members of plural systems into stereotypical roles.


I’ve finally got round to retheming the site. It uses the Tarski theme as a base, but with a new header, background and font selection. (For one, I’ve completely gutted Times New Roman from the code, and replaced it with the gorgeous Hoefler Text—which appears if you’re on a Mac or iOS device—and Georgia, if you’re using Windows or a Linux installation that uses the Microsoft core web fonts.) It would be done earlier, had we had more time.


Bah, theming.

We’ve stuck the site in a default theme for now, because we can’t decide how to make it look. It’s functional, but not particularly gorgeous, right now.